Text Marketing

Text Message Marketing

Maximize Reach and Boost Engagement

Text message marketing gives you a way to reach your customer during every stage of their journey with your brand. You can send onboarding messages, promotional discounts, seasonal campaigns, loyalty programs, reactivation campaigns, and more. 

Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing Services

We understand that increasing brand awareness and loyalty is important to you. That’s why we offer text message marketing. The average SMS open rate is 98% making text campaigns more effective. At Hexcode, we’ll work with you to create strategic SMS campaigns that will increase customer engagement and brand loyalty, and drive conversions.

Text messages allow brands to be more casual and friendly. This gives your brand the opportunity to build a more personal relationship with your customers. 

  • Messaging Options

Text message marketing isn’t just for sales. Once your customers have onboarded and opted into your SMS marketing, we will send a welcome message. From there the options are endless. We can send messages to your most loyal customers for loyalty programs, and new customers with information about your services, upcoming events, sales, discounts, and more. We will tailor your messaging to different segments of your audience so the message they receive is relevant to their placement in their customer journey.

  • Campaign Strategy

We will work with you to create a personalized message that sends your customers a message focused on what they care about from your business the most. From seasonal sales to important updates you need to let your audience know about now, we will help keep your brand top of mind, and your customers engaged with you.

  • Data Collection

Measuring the effectiveness of your SMS campaigns is important to us. After sending campaigns we will monitor and adjust the campaigns as needed. We will track the metrics that matter most to you like deliverability, click-through rates, conversions, and more. Hexcode will share the data with you so you know how your campaigns are performing.

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