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How We Got Here

Hexcode grew from a group of two who wanted to build remarkable websites into a team focused on developing marketing campaigns to create visibility and awareness for businesses. We discovered early on that a website alone wasn’t enough to help our clients truly grow their businesses and reach their goals, so we sought to develop a diverse team of individuals with experience and knowledge to serve our clients in all levels of their marketing journeys. We are now a full service marketing company that strives to meet all aspects of your business and grow with you, building a relationship that lasts.


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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Marketing is multi-faceted! Just as we learned early on, reaching your customer takes more than just a website, social media or digital advertising. It takes multiple channels to truly engage with your audience along with a strategic plan to support everything you do.

We believe that all marketing initiatives should have a direct correlation to growth and a positive impact overall. Each of our campaigns are designed to support the unique goals of an organization’s business plan, ultimately leading them to success.

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Our Marketing Crew

We’re a group of 10 big thinkers who are constantly working together to create meaningful marketing campaigns that connect with people, just like you.