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Care Esthetics is an advanced facial esthetics center in Wichita, KS. They provide a wide range of treatments that vary from natural facial rejuvenation methods to Botox and Dysport, with heavy focus on utilizing the natural, holistic treatments first. Their entire team is dedicated to meeting each of their clients unique needs to help them feel confident in their skin.


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Care Esthetics Case Study


At our first meeting with Care Esthetics of Wichita, we discussed the national Care Esthetics brand and the goals for their Wichita location. With about one month until their grand opening at the time and a small following across Facebook and Instagram, we concluded it would be best to hit the ground running with full management of their social accounts.

Our team worked together to ensure their brand standards would be carried through graphics, content, and social profiles, while also strategizing the best practices to meet their business goals of focusing on educating those in their 40s, 50s, and 60s.

Care Esthetics Social Media Management

Social Media Management

From the start, it was very important to the Care Esthetics team that their social media presence showcased the comfortable experience they provide, while also clearly conveying the fact that they are a medical clinic, not a spa.

With that, our team has since worked closely with Nurse Mandi, the RN at Care Esthetics, to create a mixture of content that is educational to existing and potential patients, while also showcasing their pleasant environment and the upbeat personality Mandi brings to the medical esthetics field. We also track social media analytics on a weekly and monthly basis to ensure that while our content is on brand, it’s also resonating with our audience.

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