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Eat Gangster is a New York based company focused on bringing freedom and joy to those on restorative diets with nutrient-rich food. By crafting baking mixes with alternative ingredients, they accommodate those on elimination diets, as well as those with food sensitivities and food allergies.


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Eat Gangster Package Design Mockups


With a vision in mind and a variety of unique baking mixes established, we worked with Eat Gangster to bring their ideas to life by creating a full package design for their products in a way that would speak to their audience as well as attract them to their healthy alternatives.

Eat Gangster Package Design by Hexcode Marketing

Package Design

With a mission of bringing freedom and joy to their consumers, it was important to create packaging that reflected that. We utilized floral elements and bright, bold pops of color on the front side of each product along with high-quality imagery to present their products in a professional yet fun and unique way.

While creating a visually pleasing design was a key objective for this project, it was also very important that customers could easily verify that their products were safe – as they work to accommodate those on restorative and restrictive diets. This involved close collaboration amongst our teams to ensure all of the nutritional information was clear and accurate across the board.

Since the start of this project, we have continued to work with Eat Gangster to make updates to all of their packaging as they grow and create new products.

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