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As a team of creative strategists, we are always on top of the latest trends and will work side-by-side with you to make sure your brand’s story is brought to life through relevant, visually appealing content.

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Social Media Services

Engaging with your target audience through social media is a great way to build relationships and develop brand awareness. We dig deep to understand your challenges, and strive to elevate your brand on all platforms in order to help you captivate users, make connections, and continuously grow your following while achieving business goals.

  • Facebook

In order to build your following, you must find your audience where they are. Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms, and is great for businesses as it allows their consumers to discover a behind the scenes view of how their business works. Better yet, you can now add your products to Facebook Shop as another space for your customer to purchase online.

  • Instagram

Instagram has evolved remarkably over the years and enables you to reach a larger demographic, as the audience on this platform is generally younger than that of Facebook. We will strategize a campaign that showcases your content in a variety of ways – through beautiful images, carousels, stories, and reels that relate to your consumers, as well as interactive messaging to engage your following.

  • LinkedIn

Show off your professional side and let people see your expertise, or find your next hire. LinkedIn is a platform that enables you to focus on business and build relationships with professionals.

  • Twitter

Keep it short and sweet with quick updates for your followers. Twitter is a great place for fast moving businesses with lots of updates, news and quick moving services. With a widely ranging demographic, Twitter is a great place for you to reach people and grow your following.

  • Tik-Tok

This platform provides a great space for you to get creative with videography and teach consumers about your products or services, especially if you are looking to reach a younger audience.

  • Google My Business

At Hexcode, we strive to provide a great customer experience for your business from every touchpoint. Google My Business not only ensures that your business is being seen when searched for, but also allows people to leave reviews and learn more about you without leaving the search engine. Utilizing this platform will get you some bonus points on your SEO as well!

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