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Digital Advertising

Strategizing for Success

At Hexcode, we leverage real-time data to develop compelling advertising campaigns tailored to fit your needs and deliver the results you want.

Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising Services

In an increasingly digitized world, a well-executed digital marketing strategy is the key to success for your business. As your target market progressively spends more time, money, and energy on their mobile and desktop devices, it goes without saying that capturing the attention of these consumers online is invaluable. Paid digital advertising allows your business the opportunity to do just that, while receiving precious data that gives you the ability to optimize and stay ahead of the curve. 

  • Pay Per Click Ads

We know that getting more eyes on your products and services leads to valuable conversions for your business. With pay per click advertising, you only pay for those important clicks to your website or landing page.

  • Social Media Ads

With thousands upon millions of your potential consumers scrolling through social media feeds daily, it’s vital that your brand is there to meet them where they’re at. Paid social media advertising helps you get in front of those people and stay ahead of your competition. 

  • Retargeting Ads

At Hexcode, we understand that your consumers go through a buying process unique to your industry. With retargeting ads, we capitalize on collected data to target customers that have previously seen or interacted with your ads, website, or social media page.

  • Google Ads Optimization

Google has long stood as the most-used search engine in the world, with billions of searches every single day. We make sure your businesses’ ads fall in exactly the right place amongst its abundance of users. 

  • Keyword Research

Here at Hexcode, we know the difference between apples and oranges. This is why we work hard to make sure you’re only showing up for the right keywords that drive sales.

  • Budget Forecasting

A penny saved is a penny earned. Knowing this, we utilize effective processes to calculate the digital advertising spend needed to get your desired outcome, without breaking the bank.

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