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Farha Roofing

Farha Roofing is a commercial and residential roofing company based in Wichita, KS with other locations in Florida, Colorado, and Missouri that provide their customers with honest, reliable, and high-quality roofing services.


  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO
  • Print Design
Farha Social Media Grid


Looking to increase their brand recognition, we partnered with Farha to build a marketing campaign tailored to the unique needs of each market they serve. This included elevating their digital presence through social media, content marketing, digital advertising, and website maintenance, as well as creating a variety of marketing materials for them to utilize throughout the company.

Farha Facebook Social Media Marketing

Social Media Management

Farha Roofing already had a presence on social media, but they needed to increase their engagement and following in their other markets. We worked closely with Farha to create a strategy that would align with the company’s vision and messaging. Our social media team created different content for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn focusing on the audience that was on each platform, increasing their culture posts, and keeping graphics customized and on brand. 

Farha Digital Ads

Digital Ads

Farha wanted to have the ability to continue to grow and promote the different services they offer in each market. Our team found a digital ad strategy that would help them target their specific markets with ads based on the needs of their audience. We also set up Local Service Ads (LSA) for Farha giving them the Google Guaranteed checkmark, and guaranteeing they show at the top of Google search results. We work closely with the client when severe weather strikes one of their markets to put up an ad that is strategically placed across Meta and Google to reach the residents in the area that’s needed. Through our digital ad strategy, we have had over 2.5 million ad impressions since the start of their digital ad campaigns.

Farha Email Marketing

Content Marketing

With various markets across the country, Farha needed a way to reach their customers with the ability to create unique messaging for each service area. Hexcode Marketing worked with Farha to come up with a strategic email strategy to send out an email once a month for each individual market, as well as one that went out to their entire email list. We also created an email drip campaign to help with the customer journey.

Farha SEO Updates

Website Updates & SEO optimization

Although Farha Roofing’s website was already developed, our web team executed a plan to optimize their current website and SEO. Our web developer and designer analyzed the site’s structure, plug-ins, and user experience and identified key areas for improvement. Our focus was on improving the internal structure of the website, increasing the page speed, and updating all plug-ins. We also updated meta titles and descriptions, headlines, and content based on keyword research to gain higher organic search engine rankings and increase organic traffic to the site.

Farha Print Design

Print Design

With a company that is well established, Farha had a lot of printed materials that their employees used. Some of that material was outdated and needed to be updated. Our graphic designers took the old files and gave a variety of flyers, case studies, and even some digital sales presentations a fresh look that kept with the brand and vision of the company.

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