Jayhawk Autographs


Jayhawk Autographs is an e-Commerce store that was created to help support Kansas University student athletes in utilizing their name, image, and likeness by managing the sales of autographed store products.


  • Branding
  • Print Advertising
  • Product Design
  • Web Design & Development
  • Social Media Management
Jayhawk Autographs Mobile Web Design


Jayhawk Autographs reached out to us as a newly-founded business seeking assistance in establishing their brand and creating an e-commerce store, providing an experience that would be easy to use and update, as they had a number of demographics in their target audience and they would be launching new products frequently.

Branding Jayhawk Autographs


Although Jayhawk Autographs reached out to us as a newly-founded brand, it was important to maintain certain aspects of KU Athletics branding as they were working so closely with KU Student Athletes. To do so, we held on to the traditional blue, red, and yellow Kansas colors, carrying them through all aspects of the brand, but paired them with a light, yet contrasting storefront to create a unique look that would slightly differentiate the two brands from one-another and make their products stand out.

Web Design & Development Jayhawk Autographs


With our main objective for this project being to promote and sell autographed products through a user-centric e-commerce store, it was important to establish a structured catalog that would enable users to easily locate the sport, player, or type of product they were looking for, leading us to create a sidebar filter for all product pages. In promoting the catalog, we designed a homepage that touched on and funneled users into a variety of different categories to ultimately drive sales for all types of products.

Product Design Jayhawk Autographs


Working closely with the team at Jayhawk Autographs, we helped them bring to life what they had envisioned for a number of their products, ensuring they were able to offer unique items that would appeal to their target audience, and creating eye-catching mockups to use on their website.

Print Advertising


After launching the Jayhawk Autographs website, we moved forward to create tangible advertising material to ensure we were reaching all audiences both physically and digitally with product promotions. Continuing with our use of the traditional KU colors, we designed a high-contrast poster that highlighted some featured products, providing both a visual link as well as a QR code enabling viewers to jump directly to the site.

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