Mattress Hub Case Study

The Mattress Hub

The Mattress Hub is a locally owned retail store that has grown to open 13 store-front locations throughout Kansas. Looking to outsource their marketing and increase their customer reach through eCommerce, we partnered with them to execute a cohesive brand experience that would drive traffic both in stores and online.


  • Branding
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Advertising
  • Web Design & Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Videography
  • Print Design
The Mattress Hub


The Mattress Hub initially approached the Hexcode team in 2020 shortly before their biggest sale of the year. After finalizing a contract, we took over their accounts and quickly got to work with an aim to increase both digital and in-store traffic by executing a digital ads strategy, managing their social media, updating their website, and putting out new blogs. After successfully increasing their sales through this campaign, we have since grown their account with a new website, social media refresh, numerous digital advertising campaigns, in-store video shoots and more. Working closely on strategy, design, and print materials, we strive to continue reaching their goals each year.

The Mattress Hub Project Scope
TMH digital ads

Digital Ads

When you are working with a product in a highly competitive market, ad strategy becomes a necessity that needs to be closely monitored. We have developed and tweaked, grown and pivoted our ad strategy for The Mattress Hub many times to continuously keep up with the evolution of Google ads as well as competitors in the mattress industry.

TMH social media

Social media management

How do you stay in front of your audience, keep them informed and tell them your story? Through social media. With The Mattress Hub’s account we have been able to do just that, branding each sale in a way that enables them to engage with their audience while educating them on what their business has to offer.

TMH website

web design & development

The Mattress Hub came to us seeking a solution for some technical issues they had been dealing with on the back-end of their site, as well as their SEO. We came up with a solution that cleaned up their website and would be easy for them to update, despite our continuing partnership in website maintenance. This included a simple, modern shopping experience and a custom cart that enabled upsell opportunities, providing them with the eCommerce solution that was perfect for their growing business.

TMH videography


Providing the full production of scripting, shooting, and post-production editing, we successfully implemented videography to create a highly interactive ad experience for The Mattress Hub. Utilizing these short, market-specific videos to reach purchase intent consumers, The Mattress Hub continues to see increasing traffic both in-store and online.

TMH content marketing

content marketing

Content marketing is an easy way to make sure that your audience continues to receive messaging from your business. A big part of reaching the audience for The Mattress Hub is keeping up with their blog, social media and email marketing. We prioritize making sure their customers are knowledgeable about upcoming sales and new innovations in sleep, as providing helpful tips to get the best sleep is an important part of The Mattress Hub philosophy.

TMH print

print design

Communicating your brand is very important across all mediums. We provide print design for business cards, thank you cards and sales sheets for The Mattress Hub to make sure that their customers have a seamless brand experience, regardless of how they interact with The Mattress Hub.

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