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Jayhawk NIL Merch

Jayhawk NIL Merch is an e-Commerce store created to support student athletes in all sports from The University of Kansas. They produce and manage the sale of apparel and accessories designed to represent the different athletes and sports from KU.


  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Advertising
JNIL Social Media Marketing


Jayhawk NIL Merch reached out to us from our work with other NIL brands. They already had a business supplying custom apparel and accessories and wanted to take them to the next level by partnering with KU to offer every student athlete a chance to earn money through their name, image, and likeness. We helped create their brand voice and started by managing their social media pages and growing their following. Since starting this project, we have also begun running digital ads for them to help promote their products on a national level.

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Social Media Management

We were very strategic with our social media strategy for Jayhawk NIL Merch. There are a lot of NILs out there offering similar products, but not very many that offer products for every sport a college offers. We focused on promoting history about each sport at KU, highlighting the players, and products, and collaborated with fan groups on product giveaways to extend our reach and gain loyal followers. 

Jayhawk NIL Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

Advertising collegiate apparel is a very tough industry, we had to think outside of the box and strategically target specific audiences to highlight the products and discounts they wanted to run during the holiday season. We used both Google and Meta to reach their target audience and showcase the variety of products they offer. Through our advertising efforts in just over 1 month, we were able to generate almost 300,000 impressions and increase traffic to their website.

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