What Does Hexcode Mean, Anyway?

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This week we launched a brand new video series that will appear on our Facebook and YouTube channel each Monday called the Monday Morning Minute. Each week, we’ll cover a new topic – marketing, digital, social media, trends – in a one minute (ish) video. The fun part about marketing though, is that means we can bring you here to our blog to learn more about the topic we are covering for the week!

For our inaugural episode, we wanted to explain our name, Hexcode Designs. A bit of an inside-industry joke, our name really is the perfect representation of Chrissy and I as we started our business.

You see, a “hexcode” is the 6-digit alpha numeric code that tells your browser what color to render. So #ffffff is white, #000000 is black, and our beautiful berry is #a60338. Chrissy selects these colors in her design tools, i.e. Photoshop, and when I am building the site out for web I utilize them in my code (CSS stylesheets to be more precise) so that Chrome, FireFox, Edge, and even (gag) IE know what color to render.

When Chrissy and I first started talking about building our agency, we wanted a name that reflected us. Robben & VanSkiver Group didn’t sound great, and frankly, wasn’t all that creative to us. We had a few different ideas, but Hexcode Designs just fit us. After all, with Chrissy being a designer and myself being a developer, that blend of design and web (and how well it all works together to present a great marketing strategy) just fit for us. And the .com version of the domain was available. So why not go for it?

We chose the hexagon shapes for our logo, layered as they are, because in older hexadecimal charts colors were visually represented with hexagons in an almost honeycomb shape, with the shades layered over each other. Frankly a developer probably designed that since it seems to have gone out of fashion, but what can I say? We’re an on-the-nose people.

Over the last couple of years as we have grown, Hexcode has become not only our company name but our personal brand. Everywhere we go in Wichita, Chrissy and I are well-known as the Hexcode Girls. Our clients know that we build beautiful sites, but that we also provide all-around marketing strategies that include print pieces, content marketing, social media, and more. Hexcode really just describes the start of what we do, but it also showcases our foundation of blending our collective experience to provide the best possible services for our clients.

Join us over the next few weeks where we learn more about the Hexcode Girls and then we’ll start delving into the really good stuff!

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