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We met Essential IT Services about a year ago now, and were impressed with their desire to be different. The reputation of a typical IT service provider is not the best; think about your own experience. A lot of us have met the surly or condescending tech who gets frustrated that we don’t understand what we do. They can be hard to get hold of and they never seem to be there when you need them.

Essential IT Services sets themselves apart from that with their excellent customer service, fast response time, going above-and-beyond for any client, and by helping their clients think forward to the future, making their technology an asset not a liability.

When we started working with Essential IT Services, he wanted to refocus his marketing to help communicate what makes him so unique and a lot of that work was done through his new website.

How We Helped Essential IT Services


For those that know founder JD Zluticky, they know he has a strong voice. We worked with him to find a balance showcasing that voice and establishing a separate identity for his company. We conducted several in-person interviews and tweaked to get the voice just right. More than a voice, his copy needed to express who he is, how his company is different, and really showcase the benefits that EITS provides in a competitive marketplace. His site is written more as a story, taking the browser through everything they need to know, with some off-the-wall eye-catching headlines to draw them in and keep them reading.

Fun fact: some of these headlines match print pieces that he uses in his in-person marketing strategies.


One of the first things JD told us when we started to work on his website was he wanted his site to look like nothing we had ever done before. We immediately decided on a simple home page, with three distinct funnels to catch the browser at whatever part of the buying process they were currently in. With high-quality video backgrounds and imagery throughout the site, the clean, modern design really gave way to the strong copy, focusing again on keeping the user reading.


The team at EITS is not unfamiliar with WordPress, which made it a great platform for them so that they can make adjustments as their company changes. Created using our easy-to-update philosophy, their site is built lean for fast-loading and easy updating.

Final Thoughts

This is still one of Chrissy’s favorite designs, and has been one of my personal favorite to code as well. There were so many fun pieces throughout the site, but their marketing extends beyond their online presence. We worked with them on 2 unique leave-behind pieces, creating a new brand voice, and even how they present their services, all helping them to accelerate their sales process.

One of the great things about working with EITS is that they understood that their website is just one piece in their overall marketing strategy. Building those pieces to drive prospects to it, to solidify the message they were being told in-person, only helps them to stand out above the simple managed services provider.

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