Let’s Toast the Upgraded Shaken or Stirred Bartending Site!

We’re definitely a bit behind with our celebrations here at Hexcode, but a few weeks ago we were able to launch a new website for Shaken or Stirred Bartending and we’re very excited for everyone to see this unique new design! Shaken or Stirred specializes in mobile bartending for Wichita and the surrounding area, providing a service that will make your event unforgettable.

How We Helped Shaken or Stirred Bartending


While Shaken or Stirred had a site before, it was hard to find all of their services or really understand exactly what they would do. Pages were split off in an attempt to make it easier, but just ended up confusing the user overall. We worked with SoS to really delve into their main core of services, interviewing owner Pat Pelkowski to get the copy in his tone and on-brand. Building the site in a one-page, panel site meant that everything was front and center, easy for a user to find without getting confused. Instead, because functions are so custom, they get the basics of the services without too many options that don’t apply to them and they can contact SoS easily for a package just for them.


Shaken or Stirred has a distinctive, colorful logo and are well known for their multi-color light-up bars, so we wanted to capture that fun vibe throughout his site. Fun but sophisticated fonts, bright colors, and classic tones balance out this clean and modern design. Of course the site is easy to use on a phone but gains some great features when on a laptop or desktop since Shaken or Stirred has a great mix of private and corporate clients. With his broad customer base, we had to find a design that worked for his entire audience.


Building the site should have been easy, because it’s only one page, but it features fun pop-up boxes to further describe his individual services and feeds in Instagram posts to showcase all the great events Pat and his many bars can be found at. Using WordPress, we were able to create a site that is easy for them to keep up-to-date and change as needed.

Final Thoughts

Shaken or Stirred actually started as a print client, getting custom oval business cards, and we were so happy to carry his branding through to his new website. To keep his brand on point and uniform across all his marketing, we were also able to get Pat set up with rack cards, large oval thank you cards, and T-shirts to help his marketing presence stand out and get noticed.

Since launching his site, Pat has told us that he receives more leads than ever through his contact forms and has gotten an increase in phone calls, too. Great user experience and excellent branding have helped Shaken or Stirred work on getting new leads and more events than ever.

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