Let’s Have a Reel Good Time

Let's have a reel good time

Ah, social media. You know you need to have one, you know you need content, and you know it can help your business grow. But, are you using every aspect of your social channels? You might be posting consistently, and you might be posting relevant content, but are you posting engaging content? TikTok, Reels and other short form videos are becoming more and more important to a well rounded social media strategy. So, what makes a good reel and how do you find the time to make them? We’re going to tell you!

What is a Reel and how do you use them?

Instagram Reels are short videos that are entertaining, exciting, and showcase your talent or offer to your niche. These videos should be shot vertically and shouldn’t be any longer than 60 seconds. Reels can not only increase your organic reach, but also grow your followers. 

Using Reels needs to be strategic. Don’t just post any sound you want with a random video. You need to highlight what your business does. If you’re a custom printing company, use before and after videos as Reels, or showcase your design process, or point out what design trends are trending in the industry. If you’re a marketing agency, you can use Reels to give tips, show your creative process, or show off a project. 

Are Stories and Reels the same?

No, Instagram Stories and Reels are not the same. Stories are used for  news, updates, and even sharing other posts from pages you follow and only show for 24 hours. Reels are used for creating short, fun, engaging videos for and will be on your grid forever. 

Are Reels and TikTok the same?

Although they both use short form video, they are not the same. TikTok is a stand alone app that is only used for short videos and lives. Reels are a feature on the Instagram app that you can use along with normal posts, stories, and lives. 

Why are Instagram Reels important for businesses?

There are a lot of way Reels can help you grow your business, but here are the top 3:

  • Build trust and show your credibility
  • Create brand awareness
  • Create more engagement with a larger audience

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