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You know you need to create Reels on Instagram to grow your business. But how do you do that successfully? With Reels, you can’t just create them and hope it works. You need to have a good strategy when it comes to your Instagram Reels. It’s not just about posting relevant content at the right time like your normal social media content. 

How do you create successful Reels?

This isn’t an exact science, but there are steps you can take to ensure you’ll reach a wide audience.

  1. Follow a trend and know the algorithm– Are certain types of videos being made on a regular basis right now? Are people rewatching certain videos over and over? If so, then you would want to jump on that trend. As a video starts to trend Instagram will show it to more and more people, which will help your reach. Of course there’s an algorithm for Reels. There’s an algorithm for everything. You want to make sure the content in your Reels educates, entertains, or inspires viewers. Remember, it’s not just your followers that will see your Reels. Using filters and effects in the Instagram Reels features will keep viewers engaged and help your video be seen by more people. This is probably the most important tip. DO NOT REPOST TIKTOKS TO REELS. Instagram does not like recycled content which means your Reels won’t get as many views. 
  1. Use a trending sound/song early– When you are scrolling through your Reels you’ll want to look for the arrow that shows a sound is trending. You also want to look at the number of Reels that have been created using that sound. Getting in on a sound early will mean your video will be seen earlier and more frequently. Don’t just use a sound because it’s trending. Make sure your video makes sense with the sound. 
  1. Feature people and use the right hashtags– Videos that feature people get more engagement than videos without people. You don’t have to show an entire person. Even hands, or just a face will work. Hashtags are also important. Using the right hashtags that are accurate and descriptive will help Instagram show your video to people that are interested in what you’re posting.

How do you film Reels everyday?

This is an easy answer. You don’t. Don’t take time out of everyday to film a 30 second video. Find trending sounds, come up with ideas, and take a few hours and create Reels that you can post throughout your schedule. Just don’t sit on them too long, or the sound will either not be trending any more, or you won’t be one of the first ones to use the sound. Inspiration can come at any time. If you see a Reel and you get inspired, make the Reel! Maybe batch creating isn’t going to work for you, and that’s ok. The most important part is consistency. Plan what you want to create and post consistently. 

Instagram Reels are a goldmine for gaining new followers and engaging your current audience. Don’t forget about the other features on Instagram too. Continue to post to your story, do lives, and post to your feed. If you need help with your social media management and Reels, Hexcode Designs is here to help!

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