How to Break a Content Block

How to Break a Content Block (1)

Ah, the dreaded content block. You’ve been killing it on social media and you’ve noticed an increase in engagement on your posts. Anxiety sinks in, and you wonder how do I keep this momentum going? You are getting to the end of your well thought out content calendar for the month and now it’s time to create next months amazingness. But how? You are out of ideas and a little burnt out on the upkeep of your social media presence.

We get it. Social media takes work and when you begin to reap the rewards of an awesome social media presence, you begin to crave more. Experiencing a content block? Take a moment and review these 3 tips for continuing social media success.

1. Ask yourself one simple question: What worked well last month?

Take a moment and review the last month of social media posts that you put out. Which ones got the most likes? Found it? Good. Now realize that likes are simply a vanity metric. It’s great that the post got likes but how was the engagement? Now find the post that received the most comments. Comments are a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) that we suggest focusing the most effort on. Is there one single post that had the most likes and the most comments? There’s where the magic happened. Take note of the tone of voice used in the caption, the photo or graphic, and the hashtags you used and create more of that in next months calendar!

2.Write Down Your Goals For The Month Ahead

Write down your goals for the month ahead. If you are in the service industry, your goal may be to have the phone ring more. For retail, you might be looking to increase sales of your product through a special sale. Whatever it may be, write it down. From there, strategize content that compliments your goals. It’s important to note that we used the word “compliment”. Instead of planning out “We are having a sale!” or “Call us today!” posts each week, think about how you can provide valuable content that compliments the sale you have planned. For example, if you are having a “Valentine’s Day Sale”, create content surrounding the Valentine season. Make fun videos, blogs, and engagement prompting posts that compliment your sale, without screaming from the rooftops that you are having a sale. After all, social media is supposed to be social! It’s important to remember that your audience doesn’t follow you to be sold to. They follow you for the value you bring to them!

3. Take a Look at What Your Competitors Are Doing

There’s no harm in seeing what your competitors are up to. We simply want you to see what types of content they are putting out and how their audience is responding to it. You may find that their audience’s engagement will be a gold mine of inspiration for your next post! Please, please, please do not copy your competitors content. Your business is unique and deserves unique content that communicates your unique selling points!

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