Everything Old Is New Again

Everything Old is New

 They say what goes around comes around, and right now that is absolutely true. When people see trends start to emerge, more and more people start to use it as a way to spark their creative side. When we look at design trends there are major changes from season to season. Let’s take a look at some of the trends showing up for Fall of 2022.

Before the days of Photoshop and filters, marketing and ads were made using unedited “real” images. This is a trend we are starting to see more of. The younger generation is connecting with real unscripted moments. They understand that no one’s perfect and they are embracing it. They want to see the mistakes and imperfections in your photos or even videos. The “perfect shot” is less important. Disposable and reusable film cameras are even making a comeback. *Cue Gen X and Millennial’s anxiety from waiting to get the film developed!*

Some trends come and go, and this one is making its way back as a trend. Designers are taking psychedelic fonts and combining it with woodcut forms from Art Nouveau making a Type Nouveau. This combination shows more of the rough imperfect details normally not seen in clean sans serifs. This continues the trend of people liking the imperfect look and feel for graphics as well as images.

Designers are fascinated with ink. They look at the unique marks it makes, how it bleeds, what traces it leaves behind, and how it can make a perfectly clear high-def digital image look like it was printed years ago. The vintage look makes the design visually interesting and comforting to look at. 

I think we can agree some awesome music came out of the 90s. Well, 90s nostalgia is back. The bright pops of neon color and primitive internet frames are coming in with a force. Bring on the slime, 8-bit graphics, and shapes everywhere. The 90s are the window to the past that designers are using to bring a feeling of comfort and nostalgia to their designs.

If the 90s aren’t your vibe, then you can still use retro tones and patterns. Using hand-painted checkers brings in that imperfection that younger generations are looking for, but gives it a groovy 70s feel that keeps the older generation engaged as well. 

Trends can happen at any time and being able to spot them before they take off is something designers need to embrace. Graphic design is communicating with people through your work, and if you don’t do that then your work will fall short. At Hexcode, we are always looking for inspiration, reading articles, scrolling Instagram, and paying attention to what is coming up in the design world. If you’re looking to work with an agency that not only tells your story, but keeps our designs current then look no further!  We want to help you grow and succeed. 

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