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Social media is complicated. Algorithms are constantly evolving, this week this platform is more popular, then next week it’s this one, use hashtags, don’t use hashtags, it’s always changing. While we can’t align the social media stars to make all of your content viral, we can give you some tips on how to keep your social media game on top.

Set goals for and create a strategy. Do you want to gain followers? Promote a sale? Get signups? If you don’t have well-defined goals, you won’t have any data to see if what you’re doing is successful. 

Schedule out your content. Create a week (or month) of content so you are free to post time-sensitive content, stories, and scroll through your feed, and engage with your audience. When you think about social media, you need to be social. Like other posts, reply to comments, and comment on other people’s or businesses’ posts.

You need to know where your audience is and what they want to see. This will change from industry to industry. If your target audience is younger then Instagram or TikTok is most likely where you’ll want to post. If you’re geared more towards other businesses then LinkedIn is where your content will be appreciated. 

Research your competitors. How often do they post, where do they post, what hashtags are they using, and how often are they engaging with others? You don’t want to mimic what they’re doing, but conducting a competitor analysis can help you see what they do well and learn from their mistakes. This is also a good way to see what your audience likes and doesn’t like.

Remember the rule of thirds. We’re not talking about the rule for video and photography. A third of your posts should promote your business, a third should be posts of ideas from influencers in your industry and a third should be personal stories to build your brand.

Use all kinds of content. Don’t just stick to graphics. Use video, graphics and images, blog posts, company news, and other free resources like e-books, or an infographic. People love free things right?

Don’t be afraid of change. Since social media platforms are always changing you need to as well. Test test and test again. Look at your analytics and data. What do those numbers tell you? Just because you think something will resonate with your audience doesn’t mean it will. If your numbers are telling you that your content isn’t performing well then try something new. Even if you have to change strategy, always stay true to your brand, message, and voice.

If you’d like someone else to manage your social media for you, Hexcode is here to help! We are constantly learning, and digging into the nitty gritty of all the social platforms and the best way for our clients to benefit from them.

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