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Imagine you hire someone to build you a new home. You have the blueprints, permits, and everything else that goes into building a home. Now, this person who is building your home is going to do it all by themselves because you want to save some money. They’re an amazing carpenter and can build a sound structure. However, they only know a little bit about electric, plumbing, wiring, painting, flooring, and HVAC. So once your home is done it’s structurally sound, but some of your outlets spark when you plug things in, some of your wood flooring is uneven, your pipes are already leaking, the paint around your home is inconsistent, and when you turn on your AC your heater kicks on, and vice versa. While this person is great at what they do and your home is structurally sound, everything else wasn’t done correctly. Now, if you were to hire a carpenter, plumber, electrician, HVAC, and flooring experts that would cost you a ton of money. And if they didn’t do a good job, you’d have to find someone else. If you hire a general contractor, it’s their responsibility to hire experts in their field and oversee that your new home is built to perfection. “But you’re a marketing company, not a general contractor.” Fair point. But, think about marketing as the home for your brand. Your website is the structure of your home, your ads are your electric, plumbing, and HVAC, your social media and newsletters are the paint and flooring that give your home its personality, and your logo, brand message, and voice keep everything together under one…You guessed it….Roof! So, if you wouldn’t hire just one person to build your house, why do you hire one person to do all of your marketing?

Similar to hiring all of the contractors needed to build your home, hiring different people to do all of the jobs you need for marketing can be costly and difficult to manage in the long run. If someone leaves, you have a void that will need to be filled quickly, and if someone isn’t aligned with your standards you’ll have to let them go and that will affect your turnover. Think of a marketing agency as a general contractor to build your marketing strategy. The agency hires a graphic designer, social media manager, content specialist, web designer, web developer, and ads specialist. Then you’re charged a monthly fee, but have access to people who are truly experts in their field. When your social media manager is trying to develop your website, or your web developer is trying to create graphics that meet brand standards something is bound to go wrong. When someone leaves the agency you also don’t have to worry about hiring someone else, the agency does. Benefits? The agency’s responsibility. Salaries for that many people working on your brand? Also the responsibility of the agency. While hiring an agency can be more expensive than hiring one person, it’s not more expensive than hiring 5 or more people.

If you work with a marketing agency that is transparent and communicative, like Hexcode Marketing, you will also get analytics monthly, and even weekly on your social media, ads, SEO, website performance, and more. Your agency should work just as hard for your brand to succeed as they do for their own business. An agency also stays up to date on the latest trends, algorithms, and updates for everything marketing. They can also take your brand to the next level. Agencies tend to be very collaborative. At Hexcode we have a fully open workspace, so while our ads specialist will put your ad together and monitor the performance, we put all of our heads together so you have campaigns that are creative, innovative, and most importantly on brand.

So, before you go building a marketing strategy with a jack of all trades and master of none, think about your long-term goals and how you want your brand to look across all marketing platforms. If you want to elevate your marketing with strategic and out-of-the-box thinking, why not give Hexcode a call? Our expert team is ready to build you a marketing strategy that will take your brand to new heights. Reach out to us today.

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