Why Office Culture Matters


We’ve talked about branding as more than just your logo. It is every part of your company, and your office culture is part of your company. You might not think your workplace culture drives your sales, but it does. Office culture in simple terms is the atmosphere in your work environment. Your office culture focuses on the well-being of your employees, and when your employees are happy, they are more likely to be more productive and successful. But how do happy employees go back to your brand? Let’s dive into that.

Think of your office culture as your internal brand. You need to strategize and develop that brand as carefully as you developed your original brand. You need to understand what your “customers” (employees) are looking for when it comes to where they want to work. You need to build a culture that fosters trust, respect, empathy, and support. Your internal and external brands are not the same, but they are linked. 

Your brand has core values and a mission statement so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Use your external brand’s messaging to create your internal brand’s values. Office culture is more than a few pizza parties and happy hours. You need to let your staff feel comfortable at work. If you are working with creatives, they’ll probably want an open and collaborative space where they can work together. If your office is more one on one work, then make sure there are quiet places to get work done. Also look at drinks, snacks, break rooms, and more that you can offer your employees. Having a place to take a break and let your mind relax for a minute is key to having staff that feels respected.

When you have an office culture that fosters a positive work environment your employees will be happier, and more productive, and that will reflect in your brand. Your culture should drive your brand, and your brand should reinforce your culture. Companies are more and more transparent with their customers and your culture is part of that transparency. You also want to have a strong internal brand so that when it’s time to hire you are attracting people that will want to work for you not just for the pay, but also for the lifestyle you offer.  

Your company culture is your identity, it needs to be unique and authentic. You don’t want to offer what everyone else has. That won’t make you stand out. The most successful brands are the ones that talk the talk and walk the walk. They practice what they preach and they are consistent with their values and culture from the inside out. So if you are looking at ways to increase productivity, profitability, and overall employee morale, look at your culture and find ways your company culture and brand can work hand in hand. The more excited your employees are about your brand culture, the more excited your customers will become about your brand.

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