Let’s Welcome AnimalCrackersZoo.com!

animal crackers petting zoo website

We love fun projects, and what can be more fun than designing and developing a website for a new event venue in town that just so happens to be a petting zoo?! Not much.

Animal Crackers Petting Zoo has a huge love for their animals and their fun personalities, and we really wanted that to shine through in their site. And because they’re pretty much brand new to the area, we also wanted to showcase their uniqueness to drive more parties to their door.

How We Helped Animal Crackers Petting Zoo


If you ask Chrissy, the design was one of the most important things for this site. Finding that balance between fun and whimsical and something that marketed them well was a ton of fun for her. Of course the site needed to work no matter what device browsers are on, and so a few of the more designed pieces (check out that animal feature on the home page!) needed to look good not just on large screens but on smaller phones, too. Colors were an important part of the design process, too, to liven it up and help to reflect the zoo as the super fun place that it is!


Animal Crackers has only been open since May, so we knew that we needed to build their site to compete locally. We used location-based meta titles and descriptions to help with geotargeted searches, made sure that the on-page content was easy to read and Google-friendly (as were any images used), and ensured that the design was mobile-friendly. Of course SEO only works if it converts, so we also made it easy for potential customers to reach out about parties by including a contact form at the bottom of every page, soft closes throughout the copy, and a click-to-call phone number to make it super simple for interested people to get in touch.

A New Website Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

For Animal Crackers Petting Zoo, they needed a simple site that gave them social proof and a web presence, a place for customers to find them, and a way to build some organic, from search-engine leads. Many of the people we talk to worry that they need some huge, expensive project that will be hard for them to afford. We believe in offering packages for businesses at different stages of their growth so we can help those like Animal Crackers that are just getting started, helping them build a strong foundation for their business, and start to grow it and push forward. We loved working with Animal Crackers and can’t wait to see where they go! And if you’re interested in talking about a website for your small business, get in touch today.

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