Don’t Drag and Drop Your Website

don't drag and drop your website

You have a new business. You need a website because you can’t succeed without one. Oh look! that hosting company offers an hour site builder. You can drag and drop images, put together a simple logo, throw some content in and voila!

Sure, that site will work. You could also buy a template, install it in a WordPress site and change a few settings and feel unique. And yea, that site might work, too.

But are you really getting what you need to be found in search results, gain new customers, and explode your business?

Be Unique. Get Found. Make More $$$

One of the main reasons many companies will turn to a web design agency is because they want that personal touch, a site that reflects their brand and their brand’s value. That’s more important than a lot of people realize. A memorable site that works seamlessly with your branding across print and advertising methods is easier for customers to keep in their mind. They know who you are as a company.

You need more than just customization to sell your company. Proper SEO editing of your site’s copy will help drive traffic and rankings. Custom development will mean a leaner, faster site that responds to whatever device your customer is on without being bloated. With custom development, you also get the features you need that will benefit your company, streamline your processes, and make your life easier.

Focus on Marketing and User Experience

You know what else drag and drop can’t do for you? Market your business. Templates can and usually do have OK user experience, but they don’t know your client base. That’s the disadvantage after all of going with a solution mass produced for multiple types of businesses.

Going custom with your site with a web design agency that focuses on marketing will mean they can see what your customers need, how and what they look for, and deliver those pieces that will keep them clicking deeper and lead them to a purchase, contact, or developing them into a valuable lead.

Having a beautiful, responsive site isn’t enough any more; all of the pieces have to be in place to maximize user engagement and conversions, and you’ll never get all that with a mass-produced, in-an-hour solution.

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