3 Companies with Awesome Social Media Presence

three companies rocking social

Social media has completely changed the way businesses work. You no longer have to call into an 800 number and talk to a computer, pressing zero ten times until you finally get a person. (Sorry small rant.) The spread of content is so quick and the ability to reach millions has caused some companies to step up their customer service and they are using their social media to not only answer people’s problems or complaints but to stay ahead and communicate with potential, as well as current customers.

Here are 3 companies that are awesome when it comes to social media and customer service:

  1. Jet Blue: Jet Blue stays ahead of their customer service by not only answering customer concerns right away but also scouring hashtags and keywords to make sure they are communicating with patrons to stay ahead of problems especially in the airline industry.
  2. Nike: Nike has over 4 million followers on twitter and has taken customer service to the next level by creating a separate account (@NikeSupport) just to answer clients questions and concerns. They are quick to respond and have a team dedicated to keeping up with questions to make sure people know they can trust Nike to be there for them.
  3. Starbucks: Starbucks does a great job of not only taking care of their patrons on both Facebook and Twitter but also bringing out their personality and having fun with people as well. They also have a separate Twitter (@StarbucksIdeas) account that lets you share your ideas with the company, showing they truly care and value your opinion.

Follow the lead of these awesome companies or even better yet share with us how your company is rocking social media below.

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