Wichita Sports Forum Case Study


Wichita Sports Forum is an event center that houses a variety of sporting events, and doubles as a trampoline park. They approached us looking to outsource all of their marketing needs in one place, allowing them to easily manage a professional, polished brand.


  • Branding
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Design/ Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Videography
  • Print Design
Wichita Sports Forum Case Study


Approaching their third year in business, the Wichita Sports Forum reached out to Hexcode Marketing to build a new website that would help to communicate their offerings, beyond the trampoline park to the community. After developing a new website with them we began working with them on their social media, content marketing, digital advertising and print design.

Wichita Sports Forum Project Scope
Wichita Sports Forum Web Design & Development

web design & development

Wichita Sports Forum approached Hexcode Marketing to bring their two websites under one. At the time they were sending their trampoline patrons to their Aviate website and facing confusion from their consumers on the sports and other opportunities available at the same facility. We provided a combined website with enhanced user experience to help keep their audience in one place and better communicate their offerings. Building on their SEO, custom content and automating their forms online we have been able to help them build a website that works for them as well as promoting both the trampoline park and sports opportunities in one place.

Wichita Sports Forum Content Marketing

content marketing

Wichita Sports Forum has many opportunities for fun with your family and wanted to make sure that they were able to communicate with their audience. We were able to target families that have been to the park before and keep them updated with a monthly newsletter containing specials, birthday part information as well as promoting special events and league opportunities at the facility.

We worked with Wichita Sports Forum to build weekly specials and content to offer their customers and continue to facilitate a relationship with subscribers to their list and social media.

Wichita Sports Forum Print Design

print design

Business cards, fundraising flyers, signage inside the facility, staff t-shirts and more. Print design is a very important part of brand awareness and consistency for this client. We have enjoyed the different avenues and pieces we have been able to create for them.

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