Armchair Strategies Case Study


Armchair Strategies is an NIL Collective helping Wichita State Student Athlete’s profit off of their Name, Image, and Likeness. We partnered with them to develop a marketing strategy that not only met their needs, but also the needs of each student athlete signed to the program.


  • Social Media Management
  • Print Design
  • Branding
  • Content Marketing
  • Responsive Website Design
  • WordPress Development
Armchair Strategies

project scope

When Armchair Strategies reached out, NIL Programs had only recently been introduced to the landscape of college sports. Despite a lack of familiarity among the general public at the time, our team immediately got to work researching and strategizing the best practices for their marketing campaign. To kick things off, we created a cohesive set of brand guidelines which we then seamlessly integrated into their logo design, social media, print design, and website, making the overall brand experience intuitive.

Armchair Strategies Project Scope
Armchair Social Media

social media management

Providing complete social media management for Armchair Strategies, we successfully established their presence on both Instagram and Facebook, using both platforms to focus on highlighting signed athletes, upcoming events, and donation opportunities with custom graphics and post content.

Armchair Website

web design & Development

Following recent changes in the NCAA, we partnered with Armchair Strategies to create a platform which would provide information about their exclusive programs, and enable users to make donations. Extensive research backed our decision to design and implement a clean, modern product that would reach a diverse audience and ultimately drive users to join Armchair Strategies as a sponsor, while also serving as a resource for current news and information regarding Wichita State Student Athletes.

Armchair Print

print design

After establishing a digital presence for Armchair Strategies on four different platforms, they wanted to advertise this opportunity to the city of Wichita in order to reach all potential audiences who may be willing to support their collective. Our design team created a billboard highlighting two of the first student athletes signed with Armchair to promote a duo that the people of Wichita would recognize.

Armchair Branding


In developing the brand for Armchair Strategies, our aim was to maintain a likeness to Wichita State University, as the program was in support of Shocker Student Athletes, but to create a unique look that would set the two apart. Following WSU’s color palette along with a similar font style in some areas, we successfully carried this visual identity through their website, print materials, and multiple logo designs for each of their programs as well as a few of their signed athletes.

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