Welcoming Advanced Medical Products to the Wichita Community!

avanced med products website

A couple of weeks ago we were able to launch Advanced Medical Products‘s new website and we’re very excited for everyone to see this gorgeous new design! A sister company of Advanced Physical Therapy,  Advanced Medical Products (AMP) specializes in providing DME, Rehab-Fitness Equipment, and Therapeutic Wellness Materials that benefit Occupational and Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, Personal Trainers, and Chiropractors. They needed a clean, easy-to-use website that allowed them to sell their large inventory online to a variety of customers and make their lives easier!

How We Helped Advanced Medical Products


Because AMP was a brand-new company, they did not have a website before and needed help thinking through their sales messaging, product descriptions, benefits and more. Working with the client, we were able to put together their content so that it helped to show their benefits versus their competitors and accurately describe the products.

Structuring the site so that it was easy to navigate, especially depending on the applications for the products, was also important to help their users find what they needed as quickly as possible. Through interviews, we were able to decide the best way to categorize and break up the various products into the correct categories and subcategories.


Though they deal largely with medical and physical therapy supplies (something people might typically think is boring), AMP had a vibrant and strong brand already developing when we started to work with them on their site. We carried that through their website, using their powerful red and reflecting that in the strong image in the main header, carrying that through the rest of the images throughout the site. Subtle animations and transitions help to make the site feel sophisticated and modern without being overwhelming.


Mainly focused on growing the eCommerce side of their business, we built their site using a custom WordPress theme with WooCommerce and multiple features to allow them to provide an easy shopping experience for all of their customers. Easy to maintain internally, we’re excited to see how their team grows their site and the awesome features we will grow and add over time!

An SSL was also imperative to protect their customers’ transactions and private data, but also to ensure that their customers felt that they were protected.

Final Thoughts

We loved working with AMP to provide a dynamic, responsive, beautiful eCommerce solution that they will be able to grow with as their business grows. Their key need was having a solution that was as dynamic and ready for growth as their company, and with the clean, modern design and flexible development build we believe they’ll be able to continue building their business in Kansas and beyond.

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