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We are very excited to announce the launch of our newest site for Wichita photographer Pete Iseman of Iseman Photography! Featuring full-page panels that snap as you scroll and lots of beautiful images, isemanphotography.com may just be our new favorite site (shhh, don’t tell the other sites we’ve built).

Pete approached Hexcode Designs a few months ago to upgrade his web presence and get a new cornerstone piece for his marketing. Not a guy to sit idle, we’ve had a lot of fun working with Pete throughout his project (and a little too much fun brainstorming ideas).

We thought it would be fun to take you through a breakdown of his project process so you can see the method to our marketing madness.

So What Was The Problem?

Staying busy is not Pete’s problem, but he wanted to reach a new audience through his site and online presence. Wanting to increase especially his senior portraits clientele, his old site built with a Flash home page and a difficult mobile experience was not going to cut it for that market.

Pete also wanted to ensure that his services were easy to see and that his unique personality came through the site. His main business philosophy is providing beautiful photos at a price Mom (and everyone) will love. We needed to make sure that his business was able to really speak for itself when prospects visited his site.

How We Helped Iseman Photography


Design was a key part of our marketing plan for Pete because his industry is highly visual. We chose a clean, modern design that allowed us to use as many pictures from his portfolio as possible. With large elements we were able to use lots of high-resolution images to showcase his consistently awesome talent.

Site Organization

Pete does it all when it comes to photography, so we needed to ensure the prospective customer could navigate his site easily. We used a targeted navigation up top and a wider one in the footer. With large buttons up top to find his Specials and Contact him, his audience can jump straight into working with him. Large funnels throughout the site also help guide users through to the individual specialty areas by giving them a preview of Pete’s work.

Making Pete’s Life Easier

One of the key goals with a website for your business should go beyond marketing to helping make your business life a little easier. Busy with photo shoots but wanting to provide his clients with the answers immediately, an FAQ page was a necessity for Iseman Photography. The best part is the page is easy for Pete to update later so as the common questions change or new ones crop up, he can add them to his FAQ page.

The Technology

We believe that your site should be easy for our clients to update, so we built IsemanPhotography.com with easy-to-edit sections so pictures, testimonials, specials, questions and more can easily be updated and swapped out. This gives Iseman Photography the freedom to reflect their newest work and up-to-date information for all their customers.

Because we used large, hi-res images we also utilized a CDN to help improve the loading time of the site. Site speed is important and images can certainly slow that down. With his site being very image-heavy a CDN will propagate over time and consistently help his site improve.

Final Thoughts

Go check out IsemanPhotography.com and see his gorgeous site for yourself (we’re a bit biased of course, but it is pretty awesome.) Plus, check out how his site responds across various devices to give his customers the best possible experience. And if you want to see how we can improve your web presence contact us today for a free consultation.

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