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We want to introduce everyone to the newest keto-friendly food craze – Delish Girls Keto! Locally owned and launched in Wichita, the Delish Girls have been working through their recipe for their  crunchy, low carb, low sugar granola for a long time to get it just right. They finally brought it to a few shows in Wichita for testing last fall and were ready to get into full-production and product launch at the beginning of 2020.

Building an eCommerce Website that Converts

Delish Girls wanted to launch their product nationally and be instantly outside of the “just Wichita” market. With an eCommerce website they’re able to reach multiple customers all over the country and automate most of their ordering process. Utilizing a hybrid between Shopify (a platform many of their target market was already used to) and WordPress, we were able to create a site that’s beautiful, custom, easy to use for their consumers, and share recipes and other things through their blog. Because they’re a new business, we were able to tell their story and showcase their product line with a one-page website that has separate product pages for more information and purchase.

We know that all of our marketing is coming back to this website, and as they grow, their website will change with their business, so we built the site to be easily managed and changed as their product line grows. We also needed to ensure that the site was easy to use and make a purchase on, shares their unique story and build trust with the consumer because as their product line grows, so hopefully do those ordering from them.

Using Social Influencers to Ensure a Successful Launch

One thing that’s been fun about working with Delish Girls is that the majority of their orders are coming directly from their Instagram. One of the founders, Tammi, already has over 18,000 followers on her personal Instagram account that focuses on her journey with Keto. Leveraging that and her relationships with other influencers, we were able to be seen by thousands within the first week of the new website launching.

Keep in mind that people buy from those they trust. They want to know you, trust your product, and know that their investment is solving a problem of their own. We also knew that a specialized food product from an “unknown” source can be a hard sell. Having influencers sample and give their personal reviews was huge to help build that trust. After all, their ideal customer base already trusted these men and women they were following daily on Instagram, including our client. Spending the time to build those relationships on her own account and with the right people was huge to get the Influencers to trust the product enough to do the review plus created trust and interest amongst her own following.

It’s also helped to grow the Delish Girls Instagram, with over 4800+ followers and counting. As we manage their Instagram feed and engagement, it’s been amazing to read real-time reviews and comments about going to place their own orders because of the trust we have helped them build through social media. It seems to be working well, too, as they’ve hit over $40,000 in sales within their first month!

Taking the Brand Offline

Delish Girls Keto is more than an eCommerce website. When they came to Hexcode, they had a recipe/product, ideas of how they’d like to launch, and a logo. Taking that, we have been able to create their product design (and research the necessary FDA-regulated packaging) for their packaging, source their bags, and expand their marketing into business cards, thank you cards (for every box shipped!), conference materials for shows including table cover, pop-up stand, and banner, t-shirts and more.  These materials are also invaluable as they’re currently being sold within multiple Doc Green’s locations and have more Wichita-area sales locations in the works!

Being able to work with them as we not only manage their social and their eCommerce website, but all their print collateral, means that we are able to help them tell a consistent brand story. Working closely with them also means we’re able to help them with their plans for growth, new products, and more, to stay ahead and keep them ready for their next steps. Heavy up-front growth can be hard to manage and capitalize on, but keeping everything consistent and working several steps ahead helps us prepare for all sorts of opportunities that can come their way.

We’re so excited for Delish Girls and to watch them as they continue to just explode!

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