Launching the Next Doc Green’s – in Olathe!

doc greens olathe

We say over and over again that the best thing about our “jobs” is getting to work with our clients and helping them grow. Doc Green’s has been with Hexcode for 3 years now, and it has been a ton of fun to watch them grow from their east and west Wichita locations, to adding their location in College Hill in 2017, then Derby in 2018, and now Olathe, KS in the Kansas City area in just a few short days from now.

When we started working with Doc Green’s, the first thing we did was to help re-brand the store look. Replacing signage, updating the menu board designs, and even adding features like sneeze guard clings to give a more polished look for those waiting in line, we had a lot of fun working with their ownership to evolve their designs as they were getting ready to grow their footprint.

Carrying That Branding Through to Social, Website, and More

Once we had completed the in-store branding change, though, we wanted to ensure that the branding was consistent across the board for them. While we certainly didn’t do everything all at once, we eventually were able to start managing their social media and then redo their website. Because we are a full-service marketing agency, we often start with a piece here and there, but can adjust our services to what the client needs.

See, for us, branding is about far more than a logo. Branding is a consistent look, feel, and even message throughout all of your marketing materials. Whether you’re handing someone your business card, they’re find your website through Google, or they follow your Instagram feed, you want them to be absolutely sure that they are following the same company and that they’re getting a consistent message about who you are and what you do.

For Doc Green’s, we had started to integrate textures and other designed pieces into their store signage, and they really wanted someone who found them on social to understand and even feel what it was like as they walked into their store. This has been incredibly important as we prepare to open a new location in a brand new market. We needed to ensure that those in the Olathe and the KC metro area not only understood their menu options and the type of food they were bringing to the market, but the type of restaurant and level of service they strive to provide everyone.

Full Service Aids Brand Consistency

Over the years, we’ve grown our relationship with Doc Green’s that we handle pretty much all of their marketing and design work. This means that we are able to keep that message and look consistent across the board. This has been a huge help as they prep to open their Olathe location, because those that have been in Wichita and eaten at their stores here know exactly what they are getting in the KC neighborhood. That fan-love has helped boost our response, growing our social following, and been great about sharing the message with their family and friends.

It’s for situations like this that we want to make sure that we continue to offer a full-range of marketing services within Hexcode Designs. Because we are able to handle all of their marketing, Doc Green’s and other customers are not forced to send out certain pieces to other agencies. Situations like that is usually where that brand message gets lost and muddled, and being able to handle everything from their takeout menus to their store signage through to their website and social media means that they have to make just one phone call and know that all of the pieces they need are taken care of.

We cannot wait to see the new location and for them to be able to open their doors to a brand new set of Doc Green’s fans!

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