The Launch of Stryker Sports Complex Website Allows for Easy User Experience

stryker sports complex website

Registration is kicking off for the new leagues over at Stryker Sports Complex, so we thought it would be a great time to celebrate the launch of their new website! Stryker Sports Complex is located on the northeast side of Wichita, KS and consists of 11 all-sports turf fields, each with outdoor lighting, and will soon feature a 112,000 square foot indoor facility designed to attract events and all levels of competition to Wichita and the surrounding areas. Information from weather updates and game cancellations to tournament and league registrations are all accessible on their new site. Designed for the easiest user experience, browsers will find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

We Gave Stryker a Great Look and Feel with an Overall Easy User Experience.


With so much information that Stryker needed to get out to the public, this site was built with the user in mind. This site is a one stop shop for coaches, parents, players, even referees and those looking to host private events and tournaments. The user can find and register for tournaments, camps, and even field rentals right at their fingertips. We worked with Stryker to provide an easy site structure, keeping in mind who would be most visiting their site and what information they would need. Working with their team, we created the site to lead especially parents and coaches right to all of the forms, policies, and event information they need within a click or two.


The updated Stryker Sports Complex has been a major investment of the City of Wichita and Wichita Sports Forum, who is managing the running of the complex. The design of the site needed to reflect the fact that Stryker will be one of the premier sports complexes in the midwest. Utilizing their bold color scheme, we focused on communicating the energy and excitement of youth and adult sports. Large, cut-out images; colorful, textured backgrounds; and subtle animation pieces help the site to feel vibrant all while keeping great user experience in mind to make finding that needed information easy.


Built in WordPress, we knew the team and volunteers at Stryker were going to constantly need to update the site. We also knew they wanted as many forms to be completed online as possible to make their jobs easier. Working closely with their team, we created the site to be easy to update, add forms, policies, and events to, and even swap out images as pieces of the facility get completed. We even provided post-launch training for the entire team in our office to go over the hows on those pieces they’ll update most. As Stryker grows, they can easily add what they need to in-house to keep their on-going maintenance fees down. And on the boring technical side, we made sure to utilize an SSL certificate to ensure security on the online forms and fast, reliable hosting to ensure the site loads fast and can deal with the amount of visitors they’ll receive.

Final Thoughts

Stryker has been one of our favorite sites to build for many reasons, but the best has been the feedback after the site was launched. Since its launch in October, the team at Wichita Sports Forum has been fielding far fewer calls and questions on things that can be found on the site – a testament to how easy it is to get the information coaches and parents will need. We of course also love hearing the compliments they’ve been receiving about the site directly as it truly is that vital one-stop resource for everything Stryker.

We loved being part of this fantastically updated resource in our local community and can’t wait to see how Stryker continues to grow with their amazing team leading the way!

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