Deep Breath. You Need a Blog.

you need a blog

I’m going to make a confession here. When you spend a lot of your time helping your clients achieve their goals, it’s actually really hard to follow your own advice. But we (and you) are going to do better, because if you want to succeed in content marketing you need a blog.

What is Content Marketing?

The basic content is providing customers fresh, relevant content that they find valuable. Published consistently to attract a clearly defined audience, content marketing gives your business a platform to bring in your ideal customer and convert them to buyers (and hopefully advocates).

Now, all that basically means that you need to write blogs on topics your customers will care about, post regularly on social media, and use the channels where your customers are listening and watching.

So, Uh, Why Do I Need a Blog?

It’s true, that with content marketing your blog is just one piece, but the problem is it’s a key piece. Not only does it allow you to communicate a variety of subjects (and display a variety of your services and expertise to your customer) but it also signals to Google and other search engines that you’re constantly updating your site. That freshness factor tells them that you have relevant, in-date content that their searchers are going to want. This in turn increases your on-site SEO and keeps your site competitive with other search results.

Think for a second about your favorite company. If you haven’t already, go check out their blog and see what they’re writing about. If they’re doing their job well, they’ll introduce you to new services that you might not have even known about and might even get you to spend money right now. At the least they should be demonstrating why you love them already and intrigue you enough to come back.

Those simple reasons are why you also need a blog for your business. No matter your industry, your company specializes in solving problems that your customers are wanting to resolve. You can provide those answers with targeted articles that help them and in turn funnel them to your products and services.

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