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Stephanie Wise, a Sedgwick County native, announced her candidacy for District 3 Sedgwick County Commissioner in December of 2023. Stepping into 2024, she began working strategically on her campaign for the November election.


  • Branding
  • Print Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Web Design & Development
  • Text Message Marketing
Stephanie Wise Social Media


To kick things off, we partnered with Stephanie and her campaign manager to come up with a brand voice and aesthetic that aligned with her mission, vision, and campaign goals. After establishing these structural guidelines for her brand, we moved forward by designing a logo, a responsive website, and a variety of promotional materials to use throughout the campaign. We also used her brand voice to develop her social media presence, create newsletters, and run digital ads.


Utilizing Stephanie’s goals and values, we collaborated with her and her team to develop a look, feel, and voice that would speak to the diverse residents in the district she’s running in. Our team created a logo that represents Stephanie, her party, and her vision for her campaign, and can be used in multiple formats to keep all of her marketing materials consistent.

Stephanie Wise Branding
Stephanie Wise Print Design

Print Design

Tangible materials are one of the most important pieces in a political campaign. Our design team worked diligently to design impactful print collateral including stickers, business cards, yard signs, rack cards, and more. Through innovative design elements, understanding the candidate’s vision, and working hard to create each piece with brand standards in mind, we were able to create items that will keep Stephanie’s campaign recognizable throughout the district and campaign.

Stephanie Wise Facebook Profile

Social Media Management

Stephanie is well-known in the business community, but she needed to have a presence on social media that would reach beyond that and enable her to interact with the people in her district digitally. Our team found that strategically, Facebook and Instagram would be the best platforms to accomplish each of those things. We then developed a plan to tell Stephanie’s story and introduce her to the community, as well as talk about her goals and vision for the local government.

Stephanie Wise Website Design

Web Design & Development

In crafting a plan for Stephanie’s website, our web team focused heavily on crafting a layout that would highlight important information regarding Stephanie’s campaign while also driving users to contribute their support through volunteer work or donations.

After solidifying a structural hierarchy for the site that was user-friendly, our content specialist worked to tell Stephanie’s story and discuss her core values in an engaging way. We then designed and developed a site with a clean, modern look and feel that was easy to navigate and use across all devices.

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