Web Design & Development

Wichita Heating & Air

Wichita Heating & Air is a locally owned and operated HVAC contractor offering premium heating and cooling services to Wichita and the surrounding areas.


  • Web Design & Development
  • Digital Advertising
Responsive Web Design


As a well-established HVAC contractor in the Wichita community with 10+ years in business under their belt, Wichita Heating & Air reached out to us looking to better serve their customers by enhancing their digital presence. We worked with them to develop a digital advertising campaign that would expand their reach as well as a new website.

Website Design and Development

Web Design & Development

We created a simple, easy-to-navigate website for Wichita Heating & Air that allowed for more in-depth exploration of their services and the ability to reach them with direct inquiries.

Our team collaborated with the client in writing content that communicated their core values and included accurate information about their company and services with a focus on keyword inclusion to optimize their website for search engine results. We then worked to execute a modern, engaging design that featured their current brand colors with updated typography and subtle gradients throughout.

HVAC Digital Ads

Digital Advertising

When Wichita Heating & Air needed help optimizing their digital ads, they called Hexcode! They were running ad campaigns on Google, as well as Local Service Ads (LSAs), but they weren’t seeing the results they wanted. We partnered with them and dug deep into what goals and objectives they had for their business and what we could do so their ads would drive the results they were looking for. Our ad specialist did extensive research on trends, keywords, and best practices to ensure their ads were optimized for the best performance and to drive calls to their business.

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