Case Study Tru Building


Tru-Building is a construction company based in Wichita, KS known for their quality, integrity, and innovative building practices. They reached out to us looking to create a digital platform for their company to showcase their work and build a foundation of trust with users potentially seeking their services.


  • Web Design & Development
Tru Building


TRU-Building came to Hexcode seeking help with building a website and online presence that would help grow their brand. They were growing and pivoting from their previous zero energy construction concept and were looking to build a website that could communicate this change in business concept. We collaborated on the best way to help show that they are a national company and the values they wanted to showcase to their customers and potential clients.

Tru Building Project Scope
Tru Building Web Design & Development

web design & Development

We helped TRU-Building create a custom responsive website, focused on growing with their ever expanding business. Building their site to showcase their growth nationwide and focus on service industries, we embedded modules on their site that enabled them to put together specialized landing pages for different clients build credibility and focus during sales presentations as they continue to build that section of their business.

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