STS Case Study


Superior Tool Service is a machine shop located in Wichita, KS, that works across multiple industries, providing specialty cutting tools for all types of manufacturing as well as grinding, resharpening, and coating services.


  • E-Commerce Multi-Site Web Design & Development
  • Social Media Management
  • Print Design
Superior Tool Service Website Mockup


Superior Tool Service came to us looking to update their current e-Commerce website that we had previously created to better suit their growing business. As they had since evolved into three separate businesses within Superior Tool Service, we found that the best practice would be to design a multi-site so they could easily reach all three respective audiences with necessary features and information while allowing their users to remain in one place. Following the launch of their website, we also moved forward with social media management to enhance their marketing strategy as a whole.

Superior Tool Service Responsive Website Hexcode Marketing
STS website

Web Design & Development

Initially, our team worked together to establish what the main STS website would offer and determine what the best practice would be for navigation between the three sites. Being that Superior Tool Service was the parent company, we decided to make it the hub of information regarding the company as a whole.

While we kept the e-Commerce functionality this site had before, we drastically increased the amount of information regarding the company’s capabilities and services. We also added a universal navigation that included links to all three websites and a search function to make exploration an easy task for users site-wide. One of the last key-objectives of this project was to enhance the experience of custom orders. To do so, we created a number of condition-based forms to cover the wide range of options STS offers without overwhelming their customers.

STS coatings website

STS Coatings Website

Although STS Coatings is a division of Superior Tool Service, we decided to carry most of the structural pieces such as menus and layout through this site to create a memorable experience that did not require users to re-learn anything when jumping from one site to the next.

Aside from that, our main goal here was to provide clear, yet concise information regarding their capabilities, while also showcasing the work they have done in the past. To do so, we implemented an interactive block including each type of PVD Coating available along with the specs for each one, and carried high-quality photos of their work through the site.

STS supply website

STS Supply Website

Similar to STS Coatings, we kept most things throughout this site structurally similar, focusing on maintaining brand consistency overall.

Being that STS Supply is a full line Industrial Supply Distributor with a large product portfolio that services their customers through a network of hundreds of suppliers, they were looking to provide a digital catalog of brands that their users could easily access at any time. We kept this feature fairly simple, filtering their different suppliers by product and linking to their respective websites for users to shop directly.

STS Social Media

Social Media Management

With a new website in place, our next key objective in working with STS was to solidify their presence on social media. By strategically highlighting their products and services, specifically the customizable solutions they provide, as well as showcasing their local, community based values, we were able to increase their brand awareness and provide their followers with a personal connection to the company to build trust.

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