Kernel's Popcorn Express Case Study

Kernel’s Popcorn Express

Kernel’s Popcorn Express is an online popcorn shop with a showroom located in Wichita, KS. Looking to increase their sales both online and in-store, we have worked with them to create a strategic marketing campaign, as well as redesign their website to provide customers with a simple, easily navigable shopping experience.


  • Branding
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Advertising
  • eCommerce Web Design
  • WordPress Development
  • Content Marketing
Kernel's Popcorn Express

Project Scope

Looking to fully out-source their marketing, we initially kicked things off with Kernel’s Popcorn by managing their social media and establishing an online presence for them with an e-Commerce website. They have since grown tremendously as a business as we have multiplied their clientele through digital advertising, email marketing, growing their social media following, and re-designing their website.

Kernel's Popcorn Project Scope


At the start of our relationship with the owners of Kernel’s Popcorn, we worked with them to further develop their branding that was already in place. We initially prioritized improving their brand photography by showcasing their popcorn through high-quality imagery in a variety of settings to use throughout their website as well as their social media.

Kernel's Popcorn
KPE social media

social media management

Our social media strategy for Kernel’s Popcorn has evolved over the years, ensuring we keep up with ever-changing trends. Through each of those transitions, we have maintained their traditional branding with their mascot, Kernel, and a variety of fun, engaging posts to drive sales and promote their products.

KPE content marketing

content marketing

With a variety of seasonal sales throughout the year, we have worked with Kernel’s Popcorn on a number of marketing campaigns. To target their existing customers, we design and write custom content to be shared with those subscribed to their monthly newsletter with each promotion.

KPE website

web design & development

While structuring out this website, the goal was to create a seamless shopping experience that would allow users to find and filter products without frustration. We executed this by incorporating a variety of funnels that would lead user’s to a specific product category, as well as a navigation system that enabled access to each product category from anywhere on the site. While we took this redesign in the direction of a clean, minimalistic look and feel, we maintained Kernel’s creative branding with product photography and by pulling colors from their original logo into a number of components throughout the site.

KPE digital ads

digital advertising

Throughout our digital advertising campaign with Kernel’s Popcorn, strategy has been key in placing their business competitively in the popcorn industry. We have developed and adjusted their campaign numerous times as Google Ads has evolved to ensure we are reaching their target audience and ultimately driving traffic to the website to increase online sales.

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