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College Hill OB/GYN of Wichita provides gynecological and obstetric care for women in four locations throughout the city. Looking to become more of a resource for their patients outside of the office, they reached out looking to refresh their website and strategize a social media campaign.


  • Social Media Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Web Design/ Development
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With a focus of providing comprehensive care for women through all stages of life, we wanted to ensure that we were reaching all age groups with College Hill’s marketing campaign, and speaking to them in a relatable way across all platforms. Initially, our team researched and collaborated with the College Hill providers to understand what steps they wanted to take to begin educating their patients among other women on social media, while also working to establish best practices to place them competitively in their market with a new website.

College Hill OBGYN Social Media Management by Hexcode Marketing
Social Media Management for College Hill OBGYN by Hexcode Marketing

Social Media Management

We found the best strategy for the College Hill social media campaign to be sharing information series by series, enabling us to be thorough with each topic we touched on by sharing a number of educational posts with each one, as well as reaching everyone in their diverse target audience. This process involved extensive research and planning as well as frequent collaboration with the College Hill staff to ensure we were providing their growing following with accurate information.

Along with educational content, we worked to highlight their staff as well as the culture of their office to showcase the unique ways each provider may relate to potential patients.

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Content Marketing

With a solidified social media strategy in place, we moved forward with further research to ensure we were reaching their target audience behind the scenes as well. By utilizing keywords on social media and working them in to their website content to improve their search rankings overall, we created a foundation to analyze moving forward as we continue to optimize their content for best results.

Web Design and Development College Hill OBGYN by Hexcode Marketing

Web Design & Development

After completing a site audit and meeting with the College Hill team, we agreed that the key objective moving forward was to improve their user experience.

With competitive research and keyword-focused content complete, we implemented their branding into a clean, feminine design, working to carry elements from their logo and social media through the site to maintain a cohesive visual identity. We used a mixture of photos from their branding shoot to showcase their office and staff, while also utilizing images of women throughout all stages of life to help convey their message visually. Overall, user experience was improved by simplifying the layout, focusing on hierarchy, and providing multiple sections throughout the site that encouraged interaction.

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