Meet Taylor Ladner, Graphic Designer

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Hi! My name is Taylor Ladner. I am the newest addition to the Hexcode Family. I am a Wichita native and proud to call Kansas home.

In 2000, I attended The University of Kansas and got a Bachelors of Science degree in Communication Studies. From there, I moved back home to Wichita and began a career in Real Estate. During that time, I realized that I actually liked designing the brochures more than I liked selling houses. Who knew, right?! After a few years in sales, I decided to go back to school and embark on a design degree.

I attended Wichita State University from 2009-2012 where I obtained a Bachelors of Arts degree in Graphic Design. (I should have listened to my mom and majored in Design from the get go, as I have always been on the creative side of things)– But hey, Communications and Graphic Design are two degrees that compliment each other very well in the marketing realm. It was at Wichita State where Chrissy and I met and instantly became friends.

The summer before we graduated, I was fortunate enough to land an internship in Los Angeles. I worked at Media Contour, which is a design firm much like Hexcode. There I worked alongside their designer in print and web. I also learned a bit of the coding, which in turn has helped my understanding of web design.

Upon graduation, I married my husband and had three kids. I did the stay at home mom thing for 6 years while I did a lot of freelance. It was important to me to stay current and not let everything I learned over the years dissipate. It was through my freelance that Chrissy and I connected again. I asked her about the possibility of doing freelance work for her growing business and as things turned out, I am now a Hexcode Girl three days a week. I love my kids, but I also love my time away, to connect with adults and do what I love.

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