Meet Marisa VanSkiver, Managing Partner & CTO

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In this week’s installment of the Monday Morning Minute, we got a chance to better meet little ‘ol me! The awesome half of the Hexcode Girls, when Chrissy and I met we knew it was a match made in heaven….

Ok, not at all! But, my past skillset and experience certainly meant that I could bring unique things to the table for being “just a developer”.

See, I started developing when I was about 14, learning the very first bit of HTML and CSS throughout high school. From there, I decided that static wasn’t fun, and took a PHP class my freshman year of college at Brigham Young University. While I loved coding, I also really loved reading and thought I might just be a professor one day. Which is why I have a Bachelor’s in English from BYU and a Master’s of Letters in Modern Scottish Writing from the University of Stirling in Scotland. (See, not your typical developer at all!)

I put myself through school working as a developer programming in C#, then took freelancing jobs back in PHP and learned and worked in marketing, social media, and web copywriting. I wanted to use the skills I’d learned in the 5 years I spent in school and paid thousands of dollars for, but had found that academia wasn’t really my thing.

I’ve been developing professionally since I was 18, working in small to medium sized businesses using a variety of languages to create websites and web applications. But unlike the developer stereotype, I really wanted to get out beyond the code and see how a website could be put to work for clients, how it could help them and propel their company forward.

We certainly do that at Hexcode Designs, and each site I build gets built with SEO baked right in, is easy to update for our clients, and runs fast. But the thing that makes us unique is my love of your brand’s story. From start to finish, we focus on learning all about your business, how you are unique in the marketplace, and then decide the best way to tell your company’s story.

Make sure you tune in next week to learn all about our other amazing founder, Chrissy Robben, and how she goes beyond being “just” a designer.

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