Meet Chrissy Robben, Managing Partner & CCO

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Before you ask, yes, this is Marisa writing a blog all about Chrissy. You see, Chrissy is fantastic at selling our services, designing beautiful pieces, and creating innovative marketing campaigns, but Chrissy cannot talk about herself. Shoot, it’s so bad I’ve been writing her bio for four years now (that was one little month after we met!)

We got a chance to meet Chrissy during this week’s Monday Morning Minute, but since I can I’m going to brag on her a bit more.

Chrissy and I both are similar in that we have at least one degree that we don’t technically utilize in our day-to-day business. For Chrissy, that’s her Political Science degree. She always wanted to be a lawyer, but with the reality of the economy and life, she switched gears into graphic design. Having taken a design course in high school, she had found she was good at it. Though the program at Wichita State University was perhaps more competitive than she bargained for, she managed to not only get in but excel.

During college, Chrissy started to work for KC Creative (then B2H Marketing group) with Christine Bitner. They focused largely on print design and advertising, but after Chrissy graduated and transitioned into full-time, they began to incorporate content inbound strategies as well. It was during this time period that Chrissy realized she wanted to learn more of the digital side of design, and left B2H to work in a Wichita web agency (where she got to meet me just a few weeks later!!!).

The great thing about Chrissy is that she is constantly learning. It doesn’t matter what you throw at her because if you give her the time, she’ll learn it and excel. When she first started at the digital agency with me, I was annoyed and frustrated because she was a print designer working on websites and I was used to responsive designs. (For those not in the know, those are two very different things). But she learned quickly and soon became the only designer that I wanted to work with – and you will probably feel that same way, too, once you’ve worked with her.

Chrissy has this great knack for looking at a big picture and putting all those necessary little pieces together to create a cohesive story throughout your marketing, whether that’s in a print or digital medium. She takes her desire to learn, applies that to your company and your industry, and together we work some pretty great magic.

Make sure you tune in next week to start learning about our awesome employees!

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