It’s Almost Halloween – What Does Your Office Do?

hexcode at halloween

Does your office have a tradition or do they look the other way when it comes to Halloween? Some people either love it, hate it or maybe you just tolerate it? It is what you make it! Here at Hexcode, we just want to make it FUN! I mean, why not? We love candy and dressing up! We also enjoy making new friends and seeing people smile!

Our Halloween Tradition

hexcode girls at HalloweenDo you dress up? This will be the second year that we dress in our costumes at work and deck the office out in spider webs and fun decorations. Last year we all dressed up in our own individual costumes and reverse trick-or-treated.

What is that you ask? We took candy to all our neighbors throughout our building and treated them. They have definitely remembered us throughout the year! (the elevator rides got a little awkward at first!) We plan on doing it again this year, it gets us out of the office and into the community of the building. We hope our neighbors are looking forward to it! We know we are!

This year we decided it would be fun to dress up as a group of four. So, after much deliberation and back and forth, we agreed on a group costume. You’ll just have to stay tuned to see what we came up with, but you are in for a real treat!

‘Hex’code Really Stands out at Halloween

We, being ‘creatives’, always think outside of the box when it comes to the ‘traditional’ ways to stand out amongst the crowd of other businesses, so this was a no-brainer! Our name Hexcode obviously has the prefix ‘hex’ which means to put a spell on someone, so we adopted this occasion to be our way to treat our clients. We make it our time to shine by giving out special baskets that won’t get lost in the holiday festivities later this year.

We love to highlight some of our clients too. Our baskets are filled with passes, snacks, offers and of course, candy! This is a tradition that we loved last year and will do again this year and for years to come! Drop by anytime for a Halloween treat, we’d love to see you and your costume!

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