Haunted Houses: Love ’em or Hate ’em?

halloween activities

It is officially that time of year! People get to dress up and pretend they are someone (or something) else for a night or two (depending on how many Halloween parties you are attending…) BUT another favorite for many are HAUNTED HOUSES. Yes, I personally love ALL things Halloween. I love horror movies, I love dressing up, but most of all I LOVE HAUNTED HOUSES.

When I was in high school my group of friends would drive to Stull, KS (look it up). Apparently the run down church/cemetary on the property is haunted. Now, in my more ‘grown up’ years, my husband and I like to take our older nephews & nieces haunted housing. Actually, one of our first dates ended with me bloodying my nose running terrified from JASON. No, not my husband, Jason. Jason, the pyschopath in the movies with a white mask and chainsaw.

I understand that this may not be everyone’s cup of tea so I composed a list of fun things to do around the community. Whether it be with your family, friends or work place. These things are great for ALL AGES.

(I’m still hoping my co-workers will go haunted housing with me.)

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