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gsi site launch

We are so excited to announce the launch of GSI Engineering’s new website! Headquartered in Wichita, GSI offers personalized engineering and environmental for a wide variety of projects. They approached us to help them modernize their online presence, make it easier for their customers to use, and make the site not only mobile-friendly but easier to keep up-to-date. Luckily the staff were all ready and excited for a new, clean website and were always eager to help throughout the project!

So, What Were the Issues?

GSI’s previous website was not only  hard for a user to figure out (even we had frustrations while researching for the current project), but it was nearly impossible for them to keep up-to-date internally. Plus, as we found out during our content phase, a lot of the information on the site was inaccurate. And of course on top of everything the site was also not very mobile friendly or easy to load in remote locations where a lot of their workers often are.

How We Helped GSI Engineering


With being in such a technical industry, getting the content correct on their site was paramount for them. For us that meant a lot of time working closely with their staff on the copy, including conducting interviews and working through drafts to make sure that it accurately represented the types of services they offer.

Streamlining their site structure was also key, because their original site had been chopped up into many more pages than needed and it was often hard to find what you needed. We chose to combine a few pages, list all the projects on one page instead of many, and streamline the subservices they offer as well. To preserve SEO, we utilized 301 redirects to make sure that anyone who had had a previous link was still able to find the information they needed.


When we first met with GSI, they had told us staff members were asking for a better, “cooler” website. Their old site had had a black background with white text, a small viewing area, and a lot of outdated and old projects. They wanted to move to something that was not only modern and easy to use, but a design that reassured prospects that they had the experience and know-how to take on their project.

The new design was formatted with large graphics and easy-to-read text that looks great no matter what device their customers are on. It was also built to be more streamlined, with open white space to provide a clean look that draws users’ eyes to where they wanted them to be.

The navigation was also cleaned up so that browsers could get right to the key areas of the site, with careers highlighted with a brightly colored button. For GSI, finding great, professional staff is paramount to the services they provide and they wanted anyone interested in working for them to know and find it easy to get right to the open positions and application process.


As we try to do with all of our site, GSINetwork.com was made first and foremost to be easy for them to keep up-to-date internally. Swapping out slide images on the home page with new and cooler projects, adding new projects on the showcase page, and even adding staff are all a breeze. Even their application form, previously a fillable PDF, is now an online form that can be sent to the appointed staff member, with a copy going to the applicant as well. We spent time getting to know their business and what changed so we could make their lives just a little bit easier.

Final Thoughts

One of the things we discussed with GSI was the importance of putting a face on your business, no matter the industry. Those discussions actually led to the inclusion of an expanded staff page then what was originally planned, but we also loved being able to use images throughout the site that showcased some of their employees doing the work that they’re great at. For them, being able to take what could have been a drab industrial site and breathe life into their online presence has been a lot of fun – and educational! One of the things we love best about working with our clients is learning their business in and out, what makes them unique, and how we can best position them in the market. We’re excited to now help them take their social media up a notch and continue that same message throughout their online marketing!

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