Reaching Champions Joining Hearts


Reaching Champions, Joining Hearts is a non-profit organization which supports student athletes at the University of Kansas as they utilize their Name, Image, and Likeness to make an impact on charities and communities that matter to them. Our team at Hexcode partnered with RCJH to create a logo and design a responsive website that would functionally represent their brand.


  • Branding
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Advertising
  • Web Design/ Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Videography
  • Print Design
RCJH Mood Board


After establishing a solid foundation for RCJH with a custom logo design, we moved forward with the main focus of our project being to create a digital platform that would function as both a resource of information and a portal for supporters to donate directly to the program. This process involved custom digital and written content, designing a unique, user-friendly website, and completing the project by developing a smooth experience for users across all platforms.

RCJH Project Scope
RCJH Web Design & Development

web design & development

Our approach to this design was to create a modern, eye-catching experience without distracting users from the main objective of the website, which was ultimately to support the program through their donation form. We accomplished this by utilizing videography along with a simple, contrasting color palette and strategically placed geometric elements to providing a clean aesthetic overall that guided the user smoothly down the page.

RCJH Branding


Developing the brand for RCJH involved maintaining a few elements of the current branding for Kansas University, but forming them into something that was unique to RCJH. After setting brand guidelines and designing a logo, we carried these elements through their website.

RCJH Web Design & Development

content marketing

Creating custom content for the RCJH website meant researching to fully understand the NCAA’s new rules for NIL and conveying that information in a way that was easy to understand for users, while also sharing the story of this collective and why they wanted to support KU student athletes.

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