Darrin Hackney Case Study

Darrin Hackney Photography

Darrin Hackney is a photographer based in Wichita, KS devoted to capturing beautiful, creative moments that represent each of his clients. Our job was to help him establish his brand and modernize his current digital presence.


  • Web Design & Development
  • Content Marketing
Darrin Hackney Photography

project scope

The key objective for this project was to showcase Darrin’s work with a clean, sleek portfolio website to place him more competitively in the digital market of his industry. By refreshing his logo and maintaining a minimal, yet unique aesthetic throughout his website, we were able to better highlight his talents as a photographer, while also giving users more insight on his personality.

Darrin Hackney Project Scope
Darrin Hackney Website Design & Development

web design & development

After researching to gain some insight in the current market of photography, we implemented a very simple layout for this website, ensuring that users could reach Darrin’s portfolio as well as his contact information without hesitation. In order to make this website unique, we maintained a bold, modern design throughout each page, with subtle animations in various components to avoid taking away from his photos.

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