3 Tips to Increase Your Facebook Reach

increase facebook reach

We kind of hate Facebook. And we love it. It’s definitely a day-by-day relationship for us. Engaging with our followers, sharing our expertise, and just generally posting on the platform is a great way to promote your business, but with Facebook’s algorithm changes something that worked really well last week no longer gets that much of a reach. So you languish for a few days again before you find that “pop” or some just start throwing money at boosted posts.

Here’s the thing about spending money on Facebook – yes, you can reach a bunch of people, but they might not be the RIGHT people. And frankly, not everyone can afford to compete with boosted posts, sponsored ads, etc all the time. (We’ve actually seen organic reach decrease significantly once that first $3 boosted post goes out….) After all, the point of using the free social media platform is because it’s cost-effective right? While Facebook is certainly doing its best to force you to spend money with them, we want to give you a few helpful tips on how to increase your organic reach (organic = free) and expand past those initial “likes” on your page.

1. Go Live

Guys, we really get the hesitation here. We’ve only done this a couple times ourselves and it’s always a little awkward the first few times. (Colleagues tell us it does get better though.) But Facebook LOVES that you’re using their current-favorite feature. Announce you’re going Live at a certain time (so you’re more likely to get people watching) and have at least a basic idea what you’ll be talking about. For instance, we went live just before our Open House a couple weeks ago to show off the space and get people excited about coming out. While it was simple and only about a minute and a half, we had twice the reach that we get on a normal post. Even if it’s just to get your funny employee to tell a joke and show your culture a bit, going Live does work.

2. Don’t link off of Facebook

Say what? OK, yes, obviously you’re going to use some links on Facebook (there’s a very strong chance you got to this blog FROM a link on Facebook). But Facebook is definitely moving towards rewarding those who keep readers on their platform. So, if you are wanting to link back to your own site, whether it’s a relevant page or a blog post, don’t add the link directly in your post. Instead, add it as the first comment on the post itself and let your readers know where to find it. If you’re a bulk-scheduler like we can be, you can even add comments to your scheduled posts. Check out the video below to see how!

3. Tag people and other businesses

This one is honestly might feel like a bit of a “duh,” but hear me out. Are you doing a “Meet the Team” type post? Make sure your employee likes your page and then tag them in that post. Are you teaming up with another local business on something? Tag them! Tagging those businesses and your followers in various posts not only means you’re likely to show up in the feeds of new people that never knew about you, but it also hits that social goal of social media. After all, for those friends and followers, they get excited to see what your employees or customers are up to. Those other businesses are thrilled to be mentioned by someone else. Every time we do this for us or others we see not only interactions but shares increase as well. Don’t be shy and tag away!

Facebook Can Work for Free

At the end of the day, we really just want you to know that Facebook can work for you, for free. We read articles every day that tell forlorn business owners that they need to just break down and start spending money. For some businesses there’s definitely an advantage to that and like with everything else there’s a time and a place for it. But there are still ways to use Facebook for free to increase your reach, grow your following, and engage with your customers. So don’t despair just yet (but despair a little because I did tell you to do live video).

Not sure where to start with your Facebook strategy? Come chat with us! We love seeing our customers’ following grow and their social media strategy rocket!

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